Nature 🌿 Nurture 🌿 Me

A retreat to ReWild the Spirit

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Nature ~ Nurture ~ Me

A retreat on Re*Wilding our Spirit

Now more than ever, it’s essential the heed the call to retreat and tend to  the inner well, the inner spring of energy and vitality that reconnects us to the being that we are and re*wilds our spirit to the sacred

Too often we fall into the misguided belief that the outside world is our source of vitality,  yet the truth is that there is a different rhythm trying to temper us from within…if we shift our responsiveness from the outer to the inner world we come to see that it’s in service to a more harmonious way with our own bodies and with the our greater earthbody.

The process of the retreat has been lovingly curated to bring you back to a state of vitality and balance so that you leave feeling energised, rested and deeply nourished on every level of your being.

Life is busy and sometimes taking care of our selves slips down the list of our priorities behind family, work, and even social commitments. This is my invitation to you, to carve out some time and space to reset and rejuvenate, cleanse and clear the body mind of anything it no longer requires and allow yourself the time and space to do the work of maintenance and healing and most importantly to re*prioritise taking exquisitely good care of yourself !

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Our re-treatment stay is nestled between the sea and the stars at the pristine Amara property in the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland. Our stunning Hampton’s style retreat home offers stunning 180degree views to the north across to Noosa.

The land at Amara is impeccably tended and carries a high vibration.You will begin to deeply relax from the moment you step foot onto the property and begin to breathe its sweet, clean hinterland air. The earth at Amara has been regenerated back to its natural bio –cycle and as such guests are asked to not bring any (disposable) chemicals onto the property. All bio-friendly (coconut based) body wash, shampoo and even toothpaste will be supplied.

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The retreat offers 3 days and 3 nights for you to reset, recharge and be inspired.

💚 My intention is help you fall in love with yourself so that you can fall in love with life 💚

Each day will include two yoga sessions. Our morning flow will be an easeful energising practice to increase circulation, build vitality and begin to rid the body of toxins. Afternoon sessions will see us accessing deep healing and maintenance through a sweet yin and restorative practice.

To assist us with the process of cleansing and clearing, we have our own steam room and magnesium pool. A steam room offers the benefit of humidity and is a wonderfully relaxing way of improving circulation, lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, clearing congestion, promoting skin health, loosens stiff joints, burns calories and boosts the immune system. We step from the steam room straight into the magnesium pool helping us to release any residual tension sleep…mmmmm 

You will be nourished and nurtured with a fully catered  high vibration, nutritionally dense plant based menu.  The food is locally sourced, abundant and delicious !

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As part of your retreat you will be totally pampered with a Kahuna bodywork session!  Kahuna is traditional Native Hawaiian medicine and the bees knees of massages. Think warm coconut oil, long flowing strokes working underneath your body as well as on top of your body at the same time…..want to know more, here’s a little video clip for your delight : –KaHuna

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As we love our bodies back to a natural state of balance we also have the opportunity to go inside and do some deeper work of nourishing our hearts and psyche. There will be different meditations and playshops to help you develop clarity and reconnect to your indigenous song and the poetry of your unfolding.

By moon and starlight with sit by the fire, sharing stories and song or simply listening to the sounds of the earth and all her creatures….re*wilding your spirit and tending the 💛heartfire 🔥

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Accommodation & Pricing Options

There are accommodation options to suit all requirements and budgets. The investment in your retreat includes accommodation, nutritionally planned catering, unlimited use of the steam room and magnesium pool, all yoga classes, mediations and workshops, a Kahuna bodywork healing and use of all equipment, props and natural products to be used on the property.

Main Retreat House:

Single Room sleeping 2 on Bunk Beds

$ 965 pp Twin Share OR $1330 for 1 person - BOOKED

Double Rooms sleeping 2 on King Singles

$ 1025 pp Twin Share OR $1390 for 1 person

Main Room sleeping 2 on King Singles or 1 King Bed ~ with ensuite

$1055 pp Twin Share OR $1420 for 1 person - BOOKED

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Deposit & Payment Options:

A 50 % deposit is required to secure your place.*

The remaining 50 % can be paid in two instalments. The first of these due by 1st April and the second due by the 1st May.

*Please note that the 50% deposit is non-refundable. Should you not be able to attend you are welcome to transfer this deposit to someone else, however finding another participant to attend is your responsibility.

Please download your registration form here. You can email your completed registration form to or give to me personally when we see each other in class.

You are welcome to email me here with any questions you may have ~ Blessings Claudia