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New Class on the Schedule

Happy to share that one of my classes is evolving to better honour the natural rhythms of life !  From Monday 19th March, my 7.15 pm class @ Inna Bliss Yoga will now be a RELAX class. Often times we think we are relaxing, when really what we are doing is disconnecting, disconnecting from all the sensations, the urges, the promptings of the body-mind that it's time to drop inside for some rebalancing, restoring and rejuvenating, a little like downloading a software upgrade for all of the internal systems that keep us alive.

In order for this process to occur optimally, we need to stop taking on more information. If we're on the couch watching TV or even reading a book, our senses are still being saturated by stimulus and the internal process of recalibration is impeded. To truly relax we need to turn the senses inward, to allow ourselves the time to steep, to soak and to  marinade in the cosiness of our own being, softening layer by layer, breath by breath, dropping deeper and deeper inside. Only then do we enter a deep state of relaxation where true healing can be accelerated on a cellular and energetic level.

How perfect that the class change has arrived with the cooler weather, as Nature leads us to journey inside. I very much look forward to sharing this process with you ~*~




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