Yoga Sessions

If you are drawn to work with me, I dare say that it's because you want more from your practice than what you are receiving in a general studio yoga class.

Working individually with students is my preferred way of teaching yoga. It allows me see exactly where a student is on their journey and tailor the session to guide them to their next step. In this way the practice is truly progressive in that each step informs the next and a student can be guided and supported along their own unique journey.

One on one sessions can take many forms depending on the need of the individual :

* Students who have been practicing yoga for a while, may benefit from a personal session to refine and enhance their alignment and also to address any less than optimal habits that may have sneaked in.

* Students wishing to develop a personal yoga practice. After a consultation to discuss your goals and intentions, I can tailor a number of sequences for you to practice at home giving you the tools and techniques to work towards more advanced yoga postures.

* Ideal for students who are working with an illness or injury.  The beauty of yoga is that there is a style and practice for every body.  Yoga is a very healing practice and a private session can be designed specifically to address imbalances and dis-ease and to facilitates the body's ability to heal itself. My areas of specialty in this are injuries of the spine and working with women who have experienced breast cancer.

Classes can be undertaken in my beautiful, fully equipped home studio at Chandler. The studio is nestled in a tranquil bushland setting allowing you to enjoy the serenity of nature.

I currently offer a special package - a 20 min consultation to determine your intention and needs for our work together & 4 x 70 minute sessions for $399 (paid upfront).

Individual sessions are an investment of $100 for 60 minutes & additional time for consultation.

If you prefer that I come to you, my catchment area is within the Brisbane south east region. (This may attract an additional cost dependant on my schedule and your location).






The practice of asana was designed to build strength and flexibility in our body-mind complex so that we may sit more comfortably in our practice of meditation.....Meditation is where the real magic happens !

Meditation is not always easy, it should however be joyful...the best things you can do to help with your meditation is to RELAX and let go of any expectations.

Yoga has some very useful techniques that you can use to help you develop mindfulness and presence. Your mind will wander and it is actually the process of realising the you have wandered away and gotten lost in a story that is the most strengthening part of this process of awakening.

If you would like some help in developing a meditation practice, get in touch and let's have a chat.

Meditation Package - 4 x 45 minutes session and 1 recorded guided meditation $250




Transpersonal Bodywork / Ka Huna Bodywork

(Currently undergoing a rebirth - more news soon ! HOWEVER, if you are in urgent need of a session please feel free to contact me.)