Kahuna Bodywork

Kahuna Bodywork


The name Ka Huna originates from ancient Hawaii where the Shamans, known as Ka Hunas, would practice healing initiations. This style of bodywork is very holistic and spiritual as it works deeply on all levels or your being.. Traditionally this practice was offered as a rite of passage and reserved for Royalty….. words cannot do it justice and it really needs to be experienced to be understood….be warned though, once you have had a Kahuna, you may find it hard to be satisfied with anything else !

What makes Ka Huna unique to other massage styles?
Breath, Music, Dance, Flow, Rhythm are all integral parts of Ka Huna Massage. These aspects help create the energy that flows between therapist and client. Your therapist massages your entire body, from head to toe, in one continual flowing movement. This creates an intensely relaxing experience while also working deeply on the muscles. 

In a session, the whole body is always massaged, even underneath the body – using the clients body weight as a tool. The front of the torso (chest and stomach) are also important areas that are included as part of the full body treatment. The chest and heart space not only benefit from lymphatic drainage, but are where we tend to hold emotions, an area we naturally hold in a protective manner. With the help of Ka Huna nurturing the clearing of emotional and psychological trauma from the cellular body can naturally take its course.

Massaging the stomach accesses not only muscles, but helps to flush the digestive system and other internal organs. This encourages increased circulation and detoxification; and can be helpful for people with digestive disorders.

Some benefits of KaHuna:

Increases circulation
Aids detoxification, lymphatic drainage
Helps with digestion 
Relief of physical tension
Mental and emotional clearing and balance
Focused breath awareness brings greater mind-body connection
Increases energy levels
Ease tired muscles
Assist with backache 
Helps to see things more clearly 
Treat emotional exhaustion 
Reduce fluid retention 
Gives new meaning to life 
Gives confidence 
Treats immune system
Helps with respiratory problems
Helps to release fear or anger 

You will be transformed !